finest expression of The Forward Look

She’s seen fashions change before…

She could sense instinctively when her husband
whom she called “The Good Doctor” out of humor, then habit
was about to trade her in for a new model –
something from the ’30s, perhaps,

something more aggressive in the area of tail fins
perhaps just more aggressive.

So she struck first, retained an attorney
who made divorcing him as easy
as tuning a radio and, after the high drama,
afforded her with the opportunity to appreciate the finest.

She bought the car the week after, looking forward
to an independent life. Her mastery of the situation
made it possible to park, to bring the marriage
to a graceful stop.

She was seen more and more in the new Imperial. Heads
turned in her direction, admiring lines. Café conversations
changing direction with the gentlest touch of the toe.

When the bitch with the ’57 Bel Air in the Safeway parking lot
asked her if her car belonged to a doctor or a cop
because of the caduceus-like badge adorning the trunk
and the red spotlights mounted above the tail,

she gave the spirited beauty an invitation
which was not accepted.

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