Signed Broadsheet “The Dream of a House” Reynolds Price

We’ve been working for the past two years moving, fixing up a house, selling a house, buying a house, painting a house, moving into a house, decluttering the results. So this poem by Reynolds Price, “The Dream of a House” had been much on my mind of late. It was part of the inspiration for an effort of my own.

I was simply looking for the text of the poem online (I have it in a hardbound copy of Price’s Collected Poems, but I was too lazy to get up) when I found a signed broadsheet copy for sale for $45 online (the framing at Michael’s cost more than this).

I feel fortunate to have it. It’s temporarily on an easel, but once I’m sure of the spot it will likely get hung on a wall in my reading room (where it currently sits on a bookshelf).

Found poem: Spam comment

reverse phone lookup next, i planned to locate some other
adult females to talk about their particular accounts
as a easy way in referring to a lot of these common battles, of showing
which type is actually a instrument most of us have
got to venture the particular switch you want to observe
around our-self. characteristics all those adult females with the startovers.
must have got referred to as them all jumpstarts, the woman explained.
them a single search. The application the particular jumpingoff stage.
analyzed with Trinity, then simply with Vassar, when the woman develop using anorexia.
The woman resolved to go through Vassar to some sought
after career with the manner unit in Style. Nonetheless the woman’s
anorexia had been in hand, London, uk possessed initiated helping
put about excess fat.


This is simply a cut and paste from a spam comment I received in another site. I’m not too worried about the spammer’s rights to this work, but if any of this is something you legitimately wrote, let me know and I’ll take it down.

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