Used Book Arrival: Blessings in Disguise

I mentioned in a recent post about David Clewell that I had been reluctant in my younger years to buy and collect poetry books. I wanted to buy something that had the poem We Never Close in it, so I found this book available used on Amazon (and in no other form – no Kindle, certainly not new).

I mentioned that I wanted to buy something that contained We Never Close. It took a bit of a leap of faith, because this book didn’t have a table of contents online. Still, just look at that cover. There’s got to be a poem about a diner in there somewhere, right? I also hedged my bets by finding a collection that came out after his poem was published first in the Georgia Review (1989). And sure enough, the poem was in it.

So, it turns out there is a bonus feature to buying a used book in this case, although it makes me wonder what has happened to Neil in the intervening 30 years. There was an autograph by Clewell himself.

February ’91

for Neil,

Non-sequiturs, all….
(But howze your peace/piece
of mind?)

Thanks for coming!
David Clewell

My heart…

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