September 12

When I turned my iPhone back on as we taxied to the gate
preparing for a dash for my connecting flight
a voicemail had arrived:

The following is important information about your flight
which has been cancelled due to an earlier cancellation
due to weather in your area.

And this is how they told me I’d be emerging from the airport
an abstractly secure place with seemingly no connections
to the city around it

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Bright Spot in a Dark Commute

A bank called Friend
A cyclist going the wrong way
Buildings loom in their neo colonial backlit splendor
Let Your Child Skip School And You’ll Be Talking to the DA
a sign tells us from the parking lot of a casino the Governor couldn’t shut down
And there are signs everywhere: personal injury lawyers,
drugs, promises to help break bad habits.


It was always such a lonely road
horses cars bicycles then in later years
mostly pickups and tractors
I never saw no one who wasn’t
from around here until

the people came with little screens on the windshield.
Slick sports cars eighteen wheelers
drivin’ hard to get somewhere else
I had one stop to walk up to my porch
laughing – is this the road to Destin?
you’ve got to be kidding, old man.

I said I didn’t know – I’d never been.

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