This blog is a project of sorts. Lately, a lot of what little poetry and other creative writing I still do focuses on technology: how it shapes and changes our lives. The challenge in poetry, or at least the usual assumption, is to write something that will still seem fresh and vivid generations for now. Poetry, and even writing in general, sometimes avoids the discussion of technology in detail to avoid seeming dated.

Well, really now, what are the odds? And unfortunately, the result sometimes (at least in my writing) has been a feeling that the characters do not exist in a real world. Even worse, the result sometimes is that it doesn’t get written at all.

And for better or worse, it has rewritten the map of our brains, especially lately. In some senses for better, in some senses for worse.


I have not included a great deal of biographical information in this blog, and this is by design. My first name is Gary. Yep, this is my real name. I think that’s about all we need to be getting on with. While I am not trying to keep my identity deep and dark, I do wish to compartmentalize this part of my identity from my workaday life, which does not have a lot of interest or patience with creative writing.

Update 2020: Thinking about that last sentence – after almost a decade of searching, finally found a job where I actually think my co-workers would be interested in what I have to say here. I might tell some of them. Still not telling you in public. 🙂 If anything, I’ve noticed the internet to be a meaner place in general than it was 9 years ago.

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