Pantoum: Flipping Channels

Andrew asks Jessica if he’s the father
Justin and Matthew argue over the estate
The decision is to spin the wheel or solve
Lose weight with this patented technology

Justin and Matthew come to blows over the estate
Christine and Susan console each other
Daily exercise in four minutes a day
Fourteen lost in charter plane crash

Susan asks Christine why it ended
The decision is to take the money or bet it all
No survivors in deadly A.M crash
Andrew asks Jessica if he’s the father

Pantoum: Album

A scene in The Birds
reminded me of the time
you told me about the time
the old man kept calling you Miss

which reminded you of the time
you played an old woman in a play
in which a young man calls you Miss
We were standing in your kitchen

You played a nun in a play
It was our senior year in college
when we stood in your kitchen
and I fondled you through your shirt

It was our freshman year in college
We’d just met during Foreign Studies
and I kept looking down your shirt
while you were looking away

We met during Foreign Studies
when you told me about the time
that you had to look away
during a scene in The Birds