Real Life Update

A few lines from a pleasantly frittered evening yesterday.

I got a new job recently which features the lowest amount of busy-work and license plate making since the early 2000s. Truthfully, I’m not sure I’ve ever had it so good. If I can get organized I’ve got some angsty poems to write about how the past decade nearly broke me, but for now I will look on the bright side and say I’ve got it pretty good.

Another thing which has brought peace and joy to my heart: I deleted practically all social media from my phone and tablet. This has forced me, with only minor relapses, to read books, and there is something about the process of reading paragraphs and sentences and not reading the angry musings of stupid narcissists that starts tuning your brain up for writing better.

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Still Alive Placeholder post

It’s been a tough week for writing. My half-hearted attempt to post something every day in April (I almost made it!) used up some mojo, or something. I keep having ideas, but they’re not gelling enough to go public with them (and regular readers know that’s a low standard for me).

On the gadget front, I bought a Bluetooth keyboard for my beloved iPad, so that may help matters some. I’m typing on it now! Isn’t it exciting! Do my characters look different!

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