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Ideas and no time to write

August 10, 2016 Leave a comment

More to do with professional life and prose writing than poetry, but just about every day at work now I get another idea for a work-related blog post and/or the need to write some copy for something. It has not been a big part of my job in the past, but my role is changing a bit and I’m finding myself more in a marketing role.

This would be absolutely fantastic for me as a writer if I had the time to do the work… unfortunately my concentration gets splattered all over the pavement on a daily basis. I have noticed that every single thing I do raises the idea of two more things I need to get done; this is the reflexive response of my boss/client. There’s a poem in there somewhere, as well as a Zen koan.


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Still Alive Placeholder post

May 22, 2012 3 comments

It’s been a tough week for writing. My half-hearted attempt to post something every day in April (I almost made it!) used up some mojo, or something. I keep having ideas, but they’re not gelling enough to go public with them (and regular readers know that’s a low standard for me).

On the gadget front, I bought a Bluetooth keyboard for my beloved iPad, so that may help matters some. I’m typing on it now! Isn’t it exciting! Do my characters look different!

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The Universe has a Sense of Humor

April 23, 2012 Leave a comment

When I posted the poem about loving-kindness meditation (or the lack thereof), I’d really been noticing a spectacular failure in that department. A day after I posted it, an old high school friend sent me a picture of us on a date from back then. And no, she doesn’t even know about this blog, so it was coincidence (or was it?) Read more…

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