My Son Procrastinates on a Poetry Assignment

He’s working on it now, suffering
the classic symptoms of writer’s block,
or more likely a keener interest in Team Fortress II
I’ve inspired him with these great one-liners:

It doesn’t have to be Shakespeare, but it does have to be in Monday, buddy.
Try writing a poem about writing a poem*
and that ever-helpful
Just write what you know.

*making this a poem about writing a poem about writing a poem?

Why I Keep Stopping

I sorted reeds today. No, really,
who would make up a thing like that?
Outlook has a nifty to-do list feature
and mine’s been scrolling off
monitors of increasing size since Windows 98.

About the reeds – some dated back to 1962
and were 25 cents apiece. Their faded
purple boxes spoke of bands long ago.
They’ve been waiting in boxes
since before I was born, waiting
for me to get to them.

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