The Dream of the Strange Tradition

I’m on a skyscraper floor
(town I live in only has one 20-story building)
attending to one of my consistent dream themes
I have to pee
looking around the corner of the huge men’s room
the row of stalls is dark I find the light
A man is hanging by the neck in one of them
the logistics of setting up a noose
from an acoustical tile ceiling
are outside the scope of this dream
I am trying to scream
(ever notice in dreams you can never
quite do anything?)

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Waking up early on the first day of summer

Waking up early on the first day of summer
because my back hurts from sitting in an office chair,
my windows stream five a.m. grey, murky sun
and I settle in to start doing accounting entries,
using the remote technology that promises freedom.

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