Close Call with COVID

Around the end of last year, someone I know went somewhere with me and sort of overlooked the fact that he and his wife had respiratory symptoms. One day later he called me to say he had tested positive, his wife negative.

I spent the next 2 weeks as quarantined as possible. I work remotely, so that was pretty – quarantined. I did not go anywhere in public. There were a couple of occasions where I had to enter a building briefly, but I stayed well away from people. My wife had been to a doctor’s office (routine visit) the morning of the day we got the news, so I told her to call them. Their reaction was pretty blasé.

A few days after getting this news, I came down with bronchial symptoms (fairly mild). I saw a tele-doc, who agreed with me that the symptoms did not seem to add up to COVID, but to keep an eye on it and go to emergency care if fever, loss of taste and smell, etc. resulted. She prescribed vitamins and an inhaler. And took the opportunity to get on to me about making sure my blood pressure is under control. Over 2 weeks later, these symptoms have largely subsided, and I have resumed my usual (but still pretty cautious) ways.

All of this was peaking around the time Trump once again tried to circumvent the election on January 6.

All of the above may serve to help illustrate why people deny it’s a real thing and why it keeps spreading. It’s almost like Schrodinger’s cat. One person taken and another left (my friend is fine; his symptoms were also fairly mild; apparently his wife never caught it). I wonder if I didn’t catch whatever virus (not COVID) my friend may have passed along from his wife. The farther it goes, the less we seem to know.

Make no mistake; I believe COVID is a real thing. We should wear masks, isolate, and take the vaccine. Beyond that, I think we’re doing a lot of imaginary things around it, because we still know less than we think.

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