How Soon the Sound

How soon the sound turns to gibberish, the
way form follows meaning into blind alleys. Listen:

I just got through playing Bach suites on
the wrong instrument for them, the wrong way,
most likely, but as it was it was meaningful,
as it was.


Written in response to a dVerse prompt: write a quadrille, using the word sound.

5 thoughts on “How Soon the Sound

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  1. For me, this says that sound/music is deep inside us no matter how it is committed to sound. Bach on an organ or harpsichord–fine. But even on whatever, it’s inside. Beauty.

  2. oh, this is an interesting piece. Playing a master’s works on the wrong instrument, and still there is meaning. I extrapolate with this to the personal life….where one tries to express their feelings but uses all the wrong words, or the words just don’t fully express the feelings but the perons’ eyes or their touch still get the meaning across. Do we all have a bit of Bach within us?

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