Sonnet: The View from the False Door

There is little to be
seen outside my door
which doesn’t open. I see
a shrub, wooden fence, and four

houses ranged close, paranoid
in their huddled, gap-toothed
yards with their backs avoid-
ing contact with me. Truth

to tell, we all avoid this backyard
meeting. Privacy fences are tall
sentries against each other’s hard
gazes from kitchen blinds that fall.

We meet each other in the way
we wave politely at the end of day.

Not my best effort, but it is an English sonnet, and I wrote it in response to this dVerse prompt.

9 thoughts on “Sonnet: The View from the False Door

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  1. it’s sad when we live so close but avoid contact… in our old village we had very close and good contact with all the neighbors…but was a village… a city is always different

  2. oy this is the way of the world these days…its a sad state…i miss sitting ont he porch and having the whole neighborhood come round…all the kids playing in the year…its not what is now though…

  3. We have become so paranoid. I have a neighbor who believes everyone’s out to steal something from her. It’s frustrating listening to her sometimes. Well done, your portrayal of it all.

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