Forming the LLC

The cardboard binder and box from LegalZoom
rode in the back seat of her Camry for two years.
The deluxe set, with a company seal,
50 certificates of membership,
and an SS-4 form which we e-filed but never signed.
We were going to be different.

Earnings from an unwanted farmhouse
from an unloved aunt plagued us.
Not the casual sloth of adding a room
or buying a new car for us.
We were going to be different.

We joined the chambers of commerce
in three counties, gave
the free samples, printed
the t-shirts, wore
them everywhere.
We were going to be different

It was not the cash-flow,
key-employee leaving,
embezzlement back-story
of so many friends, frazzled
as they were by lack of planning.
It was the lost weekends, the
opposite of procrastination, the
day I missed her Dad’s funeral.
We were going to be different.

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