Sestina: Wile E. Coyote

Permit me to introduce myself. Wile E. Coyote, genius.
I first see the roadrunner
on a sepia-painted morning in the desert.
Some might see an odd bird; I think he is the perfect
prey – in a land of shifting sand, a rock.
When I see him, I learn hunger.

I start by exploiting his hunger.
It is a stroke of genius;
At dawn, I hang a rock
over some seed I set out for the roadrunner.
He falls for it; the timing of the trap is perfect.
I cut the rope. Blackness covers the desert.

When I come to under the desert
sun, my accordion-like breath drowns my hunger.
I now see how to perfect
my trap. It is a stroke of genius.
I will lure the roadrunner
into a tunnel, actually a painted rock

with darkness painted on. He runs into the rock
and disappears. How could my wits desert
me? I follow after the roadrunner
and flatten my thin form on the sheer face. My hunger
doesn’t drive me anymore. It is a frustrated genius
that beckons me to build the perfect

mouse trap for a bird. The perfect
snare for him is speed, I realize. Make him rocket
to oblivion. The genius
of it is how he will run out of desert
at the end, falling, falling, falling. It is a soul hunger
I will feed: there will be little left of the roadrunner.

I am not thinking of the roadrunner
as I make a perfect
arc off the cliff. What kind of hunger
was that again? I wonder as I strike a rock
and take it with me. I will hit the desert
floor first; après mois, the stone. Sheer genius.

The roadrunner is pecking at something as I crawl from beneath the rock.
Such a waste, a perfect chance. My arms and legs desert
me for the moment. I will go now; feed my hunger with my genius.

Recycled from my early post-juvenalia phase for the dVerse prompt Postmodern High/Low Art.

9 thoughts on “Sestina: Wile E. Coyote

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  1. haha i feel so bad for Wile E….dang, never winning, and trying to hard, and being so creative and yet always falling short…and some days, i understand him all too well….this was fun and creative man…

  2. Love me this cartoon, I liked, in home in Czech, we would watch, no translations needed. pure art, low and high. I think you filled the bill with this. I enjoyed I know.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe this is early post-juvenalia, that phrase alone. . . You slayed me with this one. I never understood Coyote, if he had all that money to by an endless supply of ACME stuff why didn’t he just buy groceries. You’ve made all the pathos and comedy clear, this is fantastic!

  4. Very well done ~ I like use of Coyote genuis, roadrunner ~ I like how you used hunger for speed and perfection to lure him, and then yourself at the end ~ Nice one ~

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