Insomnia, while it lasts, is like flying
downhill on a bike. We would love it
were it not for the denouement.
We do love it
under different names at different times:
the holiday weekend, cram sessions,
all the be-now-pay-later moments.
Names like focus, party mode,
and the Big Lie: wired. The promise,
never kept, that tomorrow will not
claim our time with interest, the loan
we didn’t ask for when we lie awake
spinning down mental slopes.

6 thoughts on “Insomnia

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  1. Hmmm great thoughts on moments that I dread. What gets me about your poem is how you’re able to draw analogies with similar moments in modern life, giving them perspective and depth that might not otherwise be noticed, This might be obvious, but that’s the really cool thing about your poem, geting us clear about other things in life that kind of hand together because they mean close to the same thing. Nice write.

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