The Dream of Watching The Social Network with Mark Zuckerberg

The Dream[1] of Watching The Social Network with Mark Zuckerberg

He grimaces at the opening scene
A little too close to home he admits
but the girlfriend[2] isn’t real; an amalgam
of various tropes and a wish-fulfillment
curse placed on him by a few ex-friends,
although there really is a Facebook profile of her
public figure, and only created after the movie came out.

My real girlfriend[3] resembles the Asian girls
Eduardo[4] and I catch on the rebound in the movie,
but they’ve been portrayed as psycho sluts
especially the one latches onto Eduardo.
Analyze that.

I ask him why the synthetic love interest
becomes the most important element
in the film, bookending the conflicts
that seem closer to the truth:
friendship lost over business,
business come a cropper over trust.

The Erica character gets people talking to her
They don’t want to know she’s not real.
They argue with her, bargain with her
congratulate her over something
that never happened. Be honest,
have you ever looked up someone
from ten years ago or more?

I blush a little, nod.

There’s your answer.
That’s how the truth lies.

[1] Actually, this idea didn’t come from an actual dream, although I did have the idea soon after waking.

[2] Erica Albright, a fictitious character from the movie

[3] Priscilla Chan

[4] Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook

5 thoughts on “The Dream of Watching The Social Network with Mark Zuckerberg

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  1. thats how the truth lies…nice…have not seen the movie so get a little lost in the references..but think i caught the gist…the people from 10 years ago…or even 15 were freaking me out a bit honestly…i got off FB at the end of last year…dont know that i will go back…

  2. I saw the movie. Not sure it’s necessary to enjoy your poem. I often wish I were sitting with..director, actor, screenwriter of a particular movie. This film seemed rather “thin” to me. It held my interest a little. I have a FB account but with recent changes I don’t enjoy it much. I am much happier with twitter.

  3. Thanks for all the feedback! Really feel at home with the dVerse gang. This poem needs a lot of work, but it’s nice to see what hits and what clinks.

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